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Plains Equipment Group


Plains Equipment Group™ is proud to be a leader agriculture technology.  We continually strive to be the “go to” source for innovations that bring value to our customers through the use of precision ag equipment.

See the interactive map below to view our John Deere StarFire RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Correction coverage area. We have 60+ RTK base stations and dozens of repeater sites, across Nebraska and northern Kansas, to reach more than 16 million crop production acres for our customers. 

Some of the benefits of RTK with Plains Equipment Group® include:

  • Sub-inch RTK accuracy
  • Year-to-year, pass-to-pass repeatability
  • RTK Extend is an industry-exclusive feature of StarFire RTK 
  • Highly trained dealer support staff

To learn more, contact your Plains Equipment Group® Salesman or ISG Consultant today!

Use the plus and minus buttons for a closer look at our RTK areas:

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