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Tech Tips

Find seasonal Tech Tips from our Service Team here. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Service Manager at your nearest location.

JD tractorSnow

Fuel System Prep for Cold Weather

Our Service experts recommend that customers begin adding fuel conditioner once the fuel temperature starts getting in the area of 40 degrees.  

By the time the fuel temperature is below freezing and you start to experience a gelling situation, it is most likely too late to add normal conditioners and resolve the problem. If you find yourself in this situation, there are emergency products on the market to help. However, they are nothing more than a band aid. These emergency products typically contain chemicals that are not good for today’s high tech fuel systems. They lack lubricity and can cause additional damage to the fuel system components. Normal conditioners do a great job but must in in the fuel well before this situation arrises.

Preventative maintenance is always your best plan to keep your engine running optimally year round. Our Parts Departments stock a full selection of fuel additives year round to meet any of your diesel or gas engine challenges.

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Sprayer Winterization

Though it doesn’t feel like it yet, winter’s on its way.  Now is the time to make sure your equipment is protected for the cold weather ahead. Whether it is a self-propelled sprayer, pull behind, or system on your planter, they each need to be protected from the cold. It is important to make sure your sprayer pumps and valves are protected. Be sure to flush and drain solution systems, hand rinse tanks, and clean water rinse systems. If possible fill pumps and lines with engine antifreeze, RV antifreeze, or John Deere Winterizer Solution to help lubricate seals and gaskets. Leaks and damage to systems can be costly. Let us help you winterize your machine by contacting one of our Service Departments today!

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