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Find John Deere Planters 16Row40 Custom-Built, 1700 Rigid, 1700 Twin Row, 1710 Vertical-Fold, 1720 Stack-Fold, 1720 CCS Twin Row, 1720 CCS Stack-Fold, 1730 Narrow-Row, 18Row38, at Plains Equipment Group.

John Deere Planters: Integral Planter Series


Convenience and mobility are the hallmarks of integral planters, and our line of 1700 Series Integrals add precision, so you'll get the best planting performance ever.


  • The Central Commodity System seed delivery adds productivity through increased seed capacity, bulk-fill capability and easy, thorough cleanout. 
  • Row Units: MaxEnerge XP and Pro-Series XP row units offer the perfect marriage of form and function. Their design provides consistent, accurate seed spacing and their construction ensures a reliable, long-lived performance. 
  • RowCommand RowControl System: RowCommand is the easy way to help reduce seed waste and minimize yield drag. You'll put seed only where you want it, and nowhere you don't. Operate the system manually by using the in-cab controls, or pair it with SwathControl Pro for maximum effectiveness.


  • 16Row40 Custom-Built
  • 1700 Rigid
  • 1700 Twin Row
  • 1710 Vertical-Fold
  • 1720 Stack-Fold
  • 1720 CCS Twin Row
  • 1720 CCS Stack-Fold
  • 1730 Narrow-Row
  • 18Row38